Drupal commerce: add a shipping rate which depends on the shipping country

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Sometimes you want to add a shipping rate which depends on the country of shipping.

You can easily create a rule for that, with a little help of the submodule.


Download, install and enable the Flat Rate module (

Add a flat rate service

  • After the Flat Rate module is installed, go to the “Shipping services” page (Administration > Store settings > Advanced store settings > Shipping)
  • Click “Add a flat rate service”
  • Give your rate a clear title and base rate (the price you ask for shipping) and save
  • Click on “configure components” next to your flat rate
  • Click on “Add condition”
  • Select the condition “Commerce order / Order address component comparison”
  • Fill in the following fields:
    • Order: leave as is
    • Address: choose “Shipping information / address”
      Do not select the Billing information address or your shipping will be calculated on the billing address which might be different from the shipping address!
    • Address component: select “Country”
    • Value: fill in the countrycode (eg. BE for Belgium, UK for United Kingdom, …)
  • Save the form

Et voila, If a customer enters his/her billing address, he will be presented with the new option.

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